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When it comes to AI, and ML . . . What's your single biggest challenge and/or opportunity?

NewA creative and unusual thing about this new Auto-Affiliate AI system is that it requires only 2 hours to set up and earns commissions all week long.

 For more Info, click on the image, or click on this link: Auto-Affiliate AI system
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As of January 16, 2024, Copilot and Copilot Pro for Microsoft 365 are now available across all Microsoft sales channels! The image below gives a good recap:










Copilot and Copilot Pro for Microsoft 365 give you a major opportunity to drive business transformation and responsible AI use, as well as deliver high-value solutions and services to your business and individual customers.

We can provide advisory, readiness, deployment, adoption, and change management resources to elevate your Copilot for Microsoft 365! Get started today. We are ready to help you transform the way you work with AI

We can help your organization get ready, develop your adoption strategy, prepare your environment, configure your security posture to ensure data protection, and continue to upskill employees for maximum impact.

  • AI Advisory Services. Reimagine processes with Microsoft AI, and build a transformation strategy around core Microsoft Copilot and/or Azure OpenAI workloads to meet business needs.
  • Readiness Assessment. Ensure that your environment, data governance, security, and policies are ready for Copilot.
  • Deployment. Ready your IT environment for Copilot for Microsoft 365 adoption, configure security and compliance, and walk away with a solid understanding of how Copilot for Microsoft 365 can be deployed to meet the needs of your organization.
  • Adoption and Change Management. Accelerate Copilot for Microsoft 365 adoption by conducting employee training, driving change management programs, and measuring business impact while exploring new Copilot use cases.
  • Copilot for Microsoft 365 Extensibility. Collaborate with experts to identify opportunities to extend Microsoft AI capabilities with Copilot Plugins, Message Extensions, and Graph connectors.

Copilot Pro for Microsoft 365 is now available for business customers of all sizes at $360 per user per year license (an Annual Bill - just $30/Month). For Individuals, it's just $20 per month.

The Pre-Requisites are: M365 Business Standard, Business Premium, Office 365 A3/A5** and E3/E5 Microsoft 365 A3/A5** and E3/E5. Click here for discounts on Microsoft 365 for Business subscriptions. You can also pair your Microsoft 365 Personal or Family subscription with Copilot Pro.

Here are the links to the latest, current guides and books on Microsoft Copilot

Copilot Pro
A subscription to Microsoft Copilot Pro will boost your creativity and productivity by offering accelerated performance, priority access to GPT 4 and GPT 4-Turbo, and faster AI image creation with Microsoft Designer.

You can also pair your Microsoft 365 Personal or Family subscription with Copilot Pro to unlock Copilot capabilities in your favorite Microsoft 365 apps, including Word, Excel (Preview), PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote.  

Here are order links below for three of the popular MS365 Subscriptions that are pre-requisites for Copilot Pro:

  1. Microsoft 365 Personal | 12-Month Subscription, 1 person | Word, Excel, PowerPoint | 1TB OneDrive cloud storage | PC/Mac Instant Download | Activation Required
  2. Microsoft 365 Family | 12-Month Subscription, Up to 6 People | Word, Excel, PowerPoint | 1TB OneDrive Cloud Storage | PC/MAC Instant Download | Activation Required
  3. Microsoft 365 Business Standard | 12-Month Subscription, 1 person | Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive | 1TB OneDrive Cloud Storage | PC/Mac Instant Download

Note that with a Microsoft 365 Family subscription, you can install and use the apps on multiple devices. Here are the details for each person in the Family Subscription:

1.     Device Limit: You can install Microsoft 365 apps on up to 15 devices in total.

2.     Simultaneous Usage: You can use the apps on five devices simultaneously. This means you can be signed in and actively using Microsoft 365 apps on up to five devices at the same time.

3.     Cross-Platform: Whether itís your laptop, desktop, iPhone, Android phone, or tablet, you can use Microsoft 365 on all these devices.

So, yes, you can use Microsoft 365 on your laptop, desktop, and iPhone all at the same time, as long as you stay within the five simultaneous device limit. Enjoy the flexibility and productivity across your devices!

Get started with Copilot Pro for Microsoft 365 - Supercharge your creativity and productivity

Microsoft 365 Keywords

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We have a special way to get an extra 7% or 8% rebate and a $10 signup bonus on Amazon Devices including the current Fire TV and Echo Best Sellers:

  1.  Rebates for Top Selling Amazon Devices - most with an 8% Rebate and a $10 signup bonus

  2. Rebates for Top Selling Amazon Home Security & Smart Devices - most with an 7% Rebate and a $10 signup bonus

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Here's our FREE Lead Magnet! The $100M Leads audiobook is available for FREE on Audible! It's normally $17.99, but it's FREE with an FREE Audible trial. Also it's available instantly Kindle for $9.99. The 161 page Hardcover Book is also available from August 20, 2023 for $25. and . . .
There's a link to all the free resources from the Hormozi book release and the $100M Leads video course.

The newest book is - "$100M Leads: How to Get Strangers to Want to Buy Your Stuff"

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Since November 2022, ChatGPT went from zero to 1 million users in five days, the fastest growth for any platform.
It took Facebook two years to get to 1 million users, Instagram two years, Pinterest four months . . .

ChatGPT has the potential to dramatically change most business, finance, health, law, government, work and operations.

New insights and solutions are now be available to solve most challenges, and create new opportunities.

Tasks that used to take hours to accomplish can now be customized, automated and completed in minutes or seconds.

Fast growing and massive amounts of live and historical data are available for AI on the cloud . . . and from within your own operations.

How can we can help you meet your business challenges and opportunities with AI?

Our Team can customize and implement AI solutions, services and automations.

  • AI consulting - for clients who need guidance and support on AI projects.
  • AI implementation - for clients who need hands-on assistance with AI development and deployment.
  • AI training - for clients who need to learn and master AI skills and techniques.
  • AI support - for clients who need ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting for their AI systems.
  • AI automation - for clients who need to scale and automate their AI processes and workflows.

Here are some in-demand, high-paying remote jobs that can earn you a salary of $100,000 or more, according to data from FlexJobs and Payscale

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How to Start an Online AI Business as a Beginner in 2024 - STEP BY STEP - 1.5 hrs - 38,158 views as of March 6. Liam Ottley has 174K subscribers. This video premiered Mar 3, 2024.

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First Available February 25, 2024 - Nitro AI - a new system from Glynn Kosky's team . . .

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A current recap of our affiliate offers . .


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